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Ping An Securities Limited is an important part of PING AN OF CHINA (601318.SH; 2318.HK) Comprehensive Financial Service Group, the predecessor of Ping An Insurance Securities House, which was established in August, 1991. In 2006,according to the evaluation of countries securities association, the company became a new kind experiment broker in the filed of securitization. The wholly-owned subsidiaries Ping An smart fortune founded in 2008 does the direct investment business, meanwhile it was also established a branch company called Ping An Securities (Hong Kong) in 2009. By virtue of its abundant capital, trademark and clients advantage and in accordance with the management ideas of "thinking change with stability, being pragmatic and innovate", laws and regulations with the risk control system were perfectly established in this company. All businesses kept their powerful growth situation, therefore it became one of the comprehensive mainstream brokers in China. It was awarded as AA Security Company in category A for the first time during the time of brokers classification rating in 2011, therefore it accessed to the highest rating brokers of domestic securities industry. Till the end of December 31, 2011, its registered capital was 3 billion yuan, net assets was 7.133 billion yuan, while the total assets was 27.409 billion yuan.

The Company has the complete securities business licenses and its covers the securities broker; securities investment consulting; securities trading; financial consultant related securities investment activities; underwriting and recommendation of securities; securities proprietary business; securities asset management; margin requirements; securities investment funds sell agencies; and agent services provided for futures companies.

In recent years, the company has gained outstanding achievement in the area of bank investment such as underwriting arrangements, sponsor and merger and acquisition, and so on. From 2006 to 2010, it had been consecutively gained the title of "best sponsor of small and medium-sized enterprise board", awarded by Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Due to its excellent achievement of project underwriting, it obtained great honor of seven awards during the china excellent investment banks selection, sponsored by Securities Times in 2011, such as "the best investment banks in small and medium plate", "the best investment banks in GEM", "the most pricing power investment banks", etc. In the year of 2011, its bank business has been continuous to play a lead role in medium and small businesses board, and growth enterprise market, and completed the issue of the underwriting of 34 IPO and 7 refinancing programs, the number and income of which were both the first in this filed. The amount of the medium and small businesses board and GEM have accumulatively broken through 100, therefore it became the first broker whose sponsors were more than husbands in the small and medium sized projects. It shows us again its solid strength in the area of sponsor underwriting business.

With the comprehensive qualification of business, rich consigned experience and outstanding trading capacity, company's fixed-income business develops rapidly and achieves excellent performance, each of which is in lead in domestic brokers. In 2008-2011, we have won the "excellent award in underwriting rational debt by accounting" issued by China's Minister of Finance for four consecutive years. We have ever provided long-term, high-quality bond financing service for dozens of large enterprises such as Minister of Railways, CHALCO, Conch Cement, Gan-Yue High Speed, Yingkou Port, Ningxia Communications, Liuzhou Iron & Steel, Xilin Iron & Steel, Hangzhou Iron & Steel, accumulating rich experience of bond underwriting. In 2011, 17 companies were underwritten by Ping An securities and debenture, which ranked fifth in the market; the debt performance of our company was up dramatically and the consigned amount jumped to the second rank in the market. The bonds of delivery among banks reached 1.3095 trillion and brokers ranked in the fourth. The underwriting amount of national debt was 26.4 billion, ranking in the fourth among the broker membership chosen comprehensively from the group of underwriting national debt by accounting. From the integrated ranking for the ability of making market by primary dealers, Ping An securities and debenture have ranked second among the 16 primary dealers for two consecutive years, our pricing ability in making market and marketing position is widely recognized by domestic industry.

Our company's brokerage business possesses 43 sales departments in 33 cities of our country, and in the future the business sites will cover every large and medium-sized city nationwide. We commit ourselves to build a high-qualified sales team, a professional consulting team and customer service team to meet the demand of customer for diversified products, investment and service. We have a professional sales team of brokerage business for securities with more than 2,500 staff, which is built earliest in the industry with the perfect training systems and the most professional service. Following the service principle of "Customer First", we actively explore the improvement and innovation for the product of securities, technology and service, and in 2011, we develop the product and service of "An e financial terminal channel", including financial terminal, programmed system and Ping An Pad, to provide an efficient ,all-round service and products for customers.

Our company's business team of asset management follows the concept of "stick to fiduciary responsibility, abide by contract commitment, be the reliable asset manager for customers", and focus on providing the satisfied products for customers and serving customers with professional asset management by using scientific management system for investing objections. In 2011, the scale for asset management of customers is rising while maintaining stability and the investment of products achieves excellent performance; moreover, "the management plans for the asset pool in Ping An high-quality small and medium stock" honorably gets the winning prize for two consecutive years in the fourth selection of private equity (2010-2011).

With the solid fundamental analysis, strict style of work and excellent atmosphere of the team, our company's research team jumps into the forefront of the domestic industry and provides professional, objective and prospective research team to customers. The research about emerging industry, small and medium market capitalization, automobile and electrical equipments have a relatively great influence on the market. In the future, we will aggrandize advantages and set up the characteristic in the field of emerging industry, great finance and huge consumption.

Insurance, bank and investment are three mainstay industries of China Ping An Group, and Ping An Securities play an important part in investing pillar industries. In addition to getting the professional and perfect securities service, the clients of our company also can enjoy the honorable treatment from "VIP Club" of China Ping An, and can obtain the information and service of comprehensive financial products such as insurance, bank, trust, futures, asset management and annuity of enterprises from multiple channels like the website PINGAN.COM of Ping An Group, truly experiencing the convenience of one-stop financial planning.

In the future, Ping An Securities Limited will continue to rely on the Group's comprehensive financial advantages and adhere to varied and individual value-added services business philosophy, aiming to meet diversified financial needs and committing to become the most professional securities servicer in China.